Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 8.16.12

August2012ThursdayThoughts[1] I bought some new shades for $5 today. They are so awesome that I actually walked through my office building without taking them off. Yes. I was that girl. No shame, my friends, no shame.Spot me shades [2]I generally run on the treadmill at the gym that’s like 50 feet from my office, but it was closed yesterday and will be through the weekend for some shiz they call “Staff Maintenance”. I mean, dudes, can’t you maintain while I get my boob sweat on? Seriously, I won’t be a bother. I mean, just ignore the huffing & puffing and the possible fountain works and we should be good, right?
Anyway, it’s closed so I’ve been attempting to do my workouts at home on the craptastic treadmill my husband came across last year. I’m pretty sure it’s completely off in pace and distance, but eh, something’s better than nothing. I’m also convinced it’s shorter than the ones at the gym as I’ve almost fallen off the back of it at least a dozen times in the past 3 runs I’ve done on it.
[3] The bestie, Emilie, is now 36 weeks pregnant and officially over it. Here’s a few snippets from our AIM conversation earlier that made me laugh.
Tamara: Other than those things, what else do you lack?
Emilie: A baby.
Tamara: Good point.
Emilie: …every time I move my stomach these pains make me want to punch puppies.
Tamara: I am currently writing my Thursday Thoughts post. I’m pretty sure you’re going to be in it.
Emilie: Sawheet. I’m totally going to be famous now. And if your blogs are ever turned into a movie
            [totally think they should BTW] I will be the perfect Emilie.
[4] This time next week I will officially be 27 years old. I think this is the first year that someone had to remind me my birthday was coming up [Thanks Emilie!] No big plans as of now, other than maybe forcing the husband to take me out to eat so I can wear these shoes I bought months ago with the justification that since they’re leopard they will make me run faster. [Don’t judge me. My brain is not logical when it comes to shoes. And especially when it comes to shoes on sale.]photo (2)Photo courtesy of Emilie from a few weeks ago when we were looking for an outfit and had to share the gloriousness of the shoes with her sister. Yeah, it’s not the best and my toes are hot mess…but you can’t deny the cuteness of these 5 inch wedges. [Also, the higher the heel the smaller my foot looks – SCORE!]
[5] I am currently drinking a baby soda. A BABY SODA. I am really considering making a baby coozie to go with it. Because who wouldn’t buy that? You know you want one now. Don’t deny it. 20120816160558 Happy Thursday friends! Link up with Sar at [life of love] if you haven’t already!


Sar said...

The baby soda is ADORABLE. Seriously. It's what, 4 oz?

Also, your curly hair?! Giiiirl, you are smokin' hot.

Adrienne said...

Love the sunglasses! Ow Ow! I'm so proud of you for running... I would have been all like, well gyms down, guess I should go get a donut...

Sara said...

I would totally dig a baby coozie for a baby soda.

Love the sunglasses and wedges!