Friday, August 31, 2012

A Year Ago

Have you guys heard about this website called Timehop? Basically, it’s a website that pulls information from your social media accounts [facebook, twitter, instagram, etc] to tell you exactly what you did on that day on year before by sending you an email. It’s not nearly as invasive as it sounds…well, kinda, but in a really neat day.

For example, let’s say today you won the lottery. And by doing so you had to let people know so you made a facebook status about it. Well, one year from today you will receive an email linking back to that status and it’s just kind of a neat reminder of what was going on a year ago.

I’ve been on it for a while [this is not a sponsored post by the way – I just really like this site!] and it’s been really neat to see pictures of Lillie, things I’ve thought, and blog posts I’ve shared that I kind of forgot about.

It’s free and you can customize it how you want. There’s also a dinosaur named Abe. Don’t ask questions.

Anyhow, this morning I had a letter from Abe & the Timehop team telling me I had shared a blog post on facebook one year ago today.

A link to that particular post -

I wanted to give a little background on this post that I couldn’t share at the time. You see, this post was based a little on my own experience [which in reality was normal – 5 months trying to get pregnant] but mostly on my friend Emilie’s. Yes, the Emilie who is due to have a beautiful baby boy in 17 days. I couldn’t say it at the time that I was dedicating that post to her because she wasn’t ready for the world to know that getting pregnant was just not going well for them [and hadn’t been for over a year]. I generalized it a bit, because I wanted it to appeal to others that may be in a similar situation. But Emilie is the face I saw when I wrote those things. And I didn’t know it then, but Tanner [her soon to be born son!] was the beautiful baby I imagined as well. Particularly when I wrote this, 

The fact is that God just hasn't found the perfect combination of awesomeness for your beautiful baby. There's so much good out there, so much love, so much beauty - He's having a hard time figuring out how to put all that into such a tiny, beautiful body for you.
But He's working on it. I know He is. Because you deserve it.
You have so much to give, He just wants to make sure He can give you a baby that will know how to give it all back to you in the way that you need.

And when I checked my email this morning, I was just reminded at how wonderful, at how beautiful and at how grateful we should be for our life.

Nothing is promised to us, but if we keep our eyes open we can see that every day a miracle is born.

And God willing, Emilie’s will be here in the next few weeks.
I can’t wait.
Happy Labor Day weekend my friends.