Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 8.2.12

[1] I feel like I've been talking about running a lot lately. I promise this won't turn into a play-by-play [I mean, I'll still definitely talk about how pregnancy panties are vicious creatures and how my kid poops on the floor] But you know how it is when you get excited about something, you just feel like sharing. And since not many of my friends [er, pretty much none] have decided to jump on the running train with me - you guys get the brunt of it.

[2] I have a date tonight. And no, it's not with my husband. [I'm quite the whore if you didn't know]
Getting our drunken muddiness on at Mud Nats 2011.

Just kidding - it's with the bestie, Emilie! She's been working so much lately and been all 'Hey, look at me I'm pregnant' we really haven't had one. I'm way pumped about it. Even though I've had all day to figure out something to eat that's relatively healthy and have exactly zero ideas.

[3]A few years ago I did Weight Watchers and lost nearly 30 lbs. If anyone talks about weight loss, it's the first program I recommend. So, I finally listened to my own recommendations and I joined again at the beginning of this week. While I am working on my fitness and know I have improved, the fact is I'm still technically overweight. I figure the less I weigh, the less I have to lug across a finish line, right? I feel really good about it at this point - day 4 - and hopefully will be brave enough to share my weight loss journey with you. I know how many mothers, adults, friends, family, everyone struggles with their own self-image - if my insight and my ridiculosity can make it a little easier for them - I'm in. 

[4] Hi, drivers. I just need a second of your time. Can you please be aware of your surroundings? Put the phone down - nothing is that important while you're driving that you have to text. If it is - your ass better be dialing someone.
And please, please be aware of construction workers who are on the road - they don't have a one ton vehicle protecting them if someone hits them because they're not paying attention. All they have is a family at home that is counting on them to make it home. Slow down. Be cautious. Give them as much room as you'd like to be given on a road where people are passing you going 70 mph. Wherever you're going can't be as important as another humans life.It.just.can't. 

Ready to hit the weekend! Are you?


Adrienne said...

It's okay with me. I like running.

Hooray for lady-dates! My best friend just moved to Wisconsin, boo. :(

Good luck on weight watchers- I mean keep up the good work! I use sparkpeople to track my cals and it works great for me. But if it didn't weight watchers would be my next try! I just started [again] but I feel like it's going to stick this time! I've already gone a week without cheating! Hooray for fit lady-ness!

On the drivers? Uhm. Amen! My husband's bad, but I'm working on him ;)

Jessie said...

YAY! Weight Watchers! I did ...and QUIT...Weight Watchers like, 3 times. Because, obviously, I'm a dumb dumb. LOL. The first time I lost 35 lbs. Seriously though, Kudos to you for rejoining. Obviously, dumb me, losing weight wasn't a *knock knock* on the old knoggin' for me? LOL. It'll work~! You just gotta work hard.

AND I COMPLETELY AGREE about idiot drivers! I had to blow past some guy who went off the road in a truck probably 5 times. We're talking, gravel flyin' off the road. *eye roll* Pay attention people.

Sar said...

Weight Watchers?! Good for you! I tried it once in college with my mom but it's rough when you're in college. Seriously, we'd love to read your journey!

Leia Glover said...

Okay, you are officially my blogging hero. Last time I had real internet and kept up with blogs I loved yours. Now I LOVE yours, your like one of those amazing-people-that-dont-know-you-still-subscribe-blogging-celebrities. Kudos my friend, kudos (:

The Cavallaro's said...

NEED. TO. GET. BACK. ON. WW.... UGGGGH.... Please force my fat ass to get back into the gym & "run with you" okay? Okay, thanks.

Katie said...

TOTALLY with you on idiot drivers. I feel like there have been a lot of drivers posting about that lately!

I did weight watchers a few years ago. But I think the point is to generally eat better, and all I did was save up my points for Taco Bell. haha!