Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 Fun Facts About Me



I haven’t linked up for Random Thursday in a while, so I thought, “Why Not?!” and here I am. Today’s prompt (if you didn’t read the title) is 5 Fun Facts about Me. I don’t know if they’re fun, but they are facts. So, half-win at the very least – not bad, right?

1. On occasion, I have been known to do community theatre. I love it but haven’t been able to (or willing too) give up my time for rehearsals. Now that the kid is a little older, I can feel the acting bug creeping back up in me.

Uncle Georges Suitcase 2009.064(2)Uncle Georges Suitcase 2009.023 

2. To save some money when decorating Lillie’s room, Alfred & I just went through some old furniture we had and painted it. Like new, baby or like new baby. Because she was a new ba…oh, never mind. Picture 408 


3. In case you’ve ever doubted my redneck status – I’ve actually been to a Corn Festival. Yeah, a Corn Festival. Just let that sink in.

DSC00414 4. In the 4th grade, I rocked the shit out of a perm. Well, only after I went home crying because when I walked into class everyone started laughing at my new do that I was so proud of (my mom had a perm, so I thought I was so adult with it.) Seriously though, they had to call my mom to come pick me up because I refused to go inside.

scan0022 5. During our wedding reception, we didn’t toast with fancy champagne flutes – nope, beer mugs all the way for this couple. IMG_0416

Don’t forgot for those of you who are participating in the #JellyoftheJams CD swap to come back here tomorrow to link-up all your great songs you’ve received! If you haven’t gotten your CD yet from your partner, no worries, the link will stay open so you can link up at your convenience!


meg m said...

I love that second dresser!!
Also, beer mugs are definitely the way to go.
I would have killed for that perm as a child. Thankful mom find let me get one now...
Thanks for linking up awesome sauce!!

Anonymous said...

I remember asking my mom if I could get a perm too and she always said no.

I love those beer mugs!

Katrin said...

So cool that you have been in plays! I would like to try acting too!

Lin said...

You know before reading this I was like, "can Tamara get any more bad ass?" and now I know, you can!

These facts...I dont even know where to start, the fact you're practically a broadway star or you rock a perm like no one business. Sheesh. Seriously though, I think its so rad you do community theater. I'd totally take a trip to TX to see that awesomeness.

M. said...

This post made me giggle so hard! Particularly the new baby part. Epic. I remember perms being the big thing in school... and I was gutted cos I wasn't allowed to have one. The community theatre looks like so much fun! I hope you find time to get back into it! What exactly IS a corn festival? I wonder if it's like the Fall Fairs we have here - lots of livestock, lumberjack competitions, horse racing and cotton candy. And I'm a beer girl, so you're getting a slow clap from me over those beer mugs. Fabulous.
Thanks for linking up with us!

Amanda said...

There's a store here that sells different kinds of soda pop, and one of the flavors is CORN soda. It's gross. It tastes like you're drinking butter.

Holly said...

SHUT UP. I did community theater for YEARS growing up!!! I was even in 'Miracle on 34th Street' last year and 'Sound of Music' this year...LOVE it :)

Don't worry. We have a corn festival up here. And I'm in Ohio. They only *think* they are rednecks.... ;)

I had a perm when I was in 8th grade!! Rock on!!