Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Training Tuesday 5.28.13

This link-up is just a way to talk about training [in any way, for anything] to help hold ourselves accountable and possibly brag a bit. I mean, you ran 1 mile without stopping – you totally deserve a chance to brag about it! That shit is hard. You did 10 push-ups in a row, HOLLLEERRR.

And even if you’re not training for anything, you’re just putting yourself out there to be healthier, to get slimmer, to whatever you can share it on Training Tuesday. Let’s say you were sitting at home and instead of eating a carton of Oreos you instead ate 20 baby carrots and just imagined they were chocolate-y crèmey goodness [hypothetical situation, of course] – share it here!

Abbey & I don’t discriminate – we congratulate.
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Abbey wasn’t here last week, but thank the sweet baby Jesus she is back! I’ve missed her. But a huge shout-out to all of you who linked up last week with me. (Jaime, Kate, Meg, & Amanda : You guys make me a better blogger. You really do.) I was seriously worried it would just be me by my lonesome.

My Training:

I started Insanity (I’ve done it 3 times this past week – which I’m considering fantastic since it was a 3 day weekend). I had hoped the husband would join me but instead he just comments on how much more sweaty I get with this than I ever did with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

Thanks Captain Obvious.

I took measurements to start out with Insanity and compared those with what I took when I started the 30 Day Shred. It looks like I’ve lost 1.5 inches from my hips and 1 inch from my waist. That was only doing 20 out of the 30 days. I’ll take it!

So, if you’re in the market for a workout DVD – I would totally recommend it (it’s also much, much cheaper than purchasing Insanity). If I would have done those days consecutively and then, you know, actually make it to the 30 I have no doubt that I would have seen even better results. Maybe I’ll try again in a few months. We shall see.

Lately I’ve felt kind of burnt out with exercise but then I did something awesome this weekend and now I know what the real issue is. For the past couple months I’ve tried branching out to other forms of exercise and in the process I’ve stopped running (with the exception of a couple races). I wanted a break from the constant training I had been doing since August of last year and I was excited about it. It’s been a nice change but I’m over it.

I miss running. Something about it soothes me.

Anyway, this weekend I participated in a mud run (race recap soon!) and it was hard. Not only did we have mud holes, belly crawls, and obstacles of all sorts to go through – we chose to run the entire time (when possible. I mean, running on mud isn’t the easiest thing to do my friends). It wasn’t a timed event and a lot of people were walking from one point to the next, but we didn’t, and I’m glad. My legs felt happy. It’s weird to explain but I’m sure there’s someone out there that understands.

2013-05-25 11.34.26 Why yes, that IS Sar from Life of Love on the left, me in the middle (duh) and my friend Christine on the right (who also did this with me last year!)

So what does this mean?

It means I need to start running again. I don’t want to wait for August (my initial plan was to start up again for the fall running schedule I have planned). I’m not giving up Insanity – I just think I’ll cut back to 3-4 days a week for that (the program calls for 6 days a week) and add 1-2 days of running – a happy medium.

A happy medium indeed.


meg m said...

I can't get over how awesome you look and I think I've only known you for like 6 months...
so jealous of you guys, I want to do a mud run so bad!!

Kaitlin said...

Hi! New follower! I know exactly what you mean about running being soothing! When I can get myself out there, it's so cathartic. I enjoyed linking up with you today!!

Amanda Arr said...

Running is awesome! As much as I'm starting to love my bike (you can go sooooo much faster!), I don't think I could ever give up running completely, unless I had to.

Abbey said...

Sounds like a good plan! Exercise only works for me when I'm doing things I love. Before I loved running, I didn't exercise at all. And then I found Zumba and LOVED it and suddenly worked out a couple times a week! Gotta go with what you love :)

jaime said...

Girl, I am all about a happy medium. I think I may try to do 30-day Shred in June (the whole month? Or at least most of the month since I'll be traveling at the end) but still run a few days a week. We shall see. I've never found that happy medium myself.

Kate said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about your legs feeling happy. I was only able to run once before vacation, and I feel like I really just NEED to go only 3 days into my trip!

At one point today, my parents were walking ahead of me, and I wanted to catch up. So I just booked it. In my sandals. I just wanted to GO. It felt so good even if it didn't last long. :P

Tristan Schlegel said...

I know just what you mean about your legs feeling happy. I always feel that way after a short break and you take those first few steps and you just feel GOOD! :)

Amanda said...

Heck yes I know what you mean about happy legs!

Holly said...

I'm really impressed you're doing Insanity. I don't think I have the dedication to do it...I can't even get past 10 days on the Shred!!!! So, YOU GO GIRL!

Also, congrats on the mud run!!! I'd like to do one of those eventually, but I know they're tough. But eventually...it'll happen :)

I miss running, too. I need to start back again once my life slows down at the end of this month because I'm going to train for another half in September!!!