Monday, May 6, 2013

This Weekend, I [5.6.13]

Linking up with Sar & Syn to cover my weekend shenanigans.

This Weekend, I got a little muddy. We went to Mudd Jam 4 and had a blast! IMG_1432For those who aren’t familiar, this was an event at an ATV park. You can go camp, ride trails, get in mud & basically just get yo’ redneck on. Don’t knock it till you try it. :)

Our friends, Chris & Kayla (they’re the ones below who are pulling me out of a nice little hole I found), joined us in our redneckery as well as our friend Kevin.   IMG_1482

Alfred showed Kevin a real nice time (as evidenced by this picture below) for his Bachelor party weekend. Kevin is getting married this Saturday & seriously couldn’t stop talking about his fiancĂ©. Twas adorables.IMG_1435

This Weekend, I rehydrated with oranges to counteract my dehydration of Bud Light. The husband laughed at me for throwing them in my cooler, but they were a hit. And sweet baby Jesus they were tasty.


This Weekend, I watched this happen. I didn’t participate because the water was colder than a mug & I had limited amount of clean clothing at this point. But, we have plans to go back in the summer months & you can bet your ass that’s the way I’m rolling. I mean, seriously, how can I not?

But mostly This Weekend, I missed the hell out of this little toot. (she’s so ready for summer!)



Katie said...

I love that you got your redneck on. Looks like lots of fun (though not not for me, because I am not a mud person lol).

Lillie!!!!!!! Why is she so big?! Wahhhh. But totes adorbs obviously.

meg m said...

i want to be there!! I am really good at getting my redneck on! can't wait to get Luke's quad out this year, have yet to see mud that deep though...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like my kind of fun, but fun nonetheless! My husband's family took me mudding for the first time a couple years ago and I had a lot of fun...but I'm not sure if it's something I'd do on a regular basis. I'm too much of an inside girl.

Angela Ryder said...

Little 'toot' is adorable! Have a great week!~~Angela

Abbey said...

Oh my gosh looks SO FUN.

Lin said...

Damn girl, you guys know how to have fun! Love the pictures & videos. You look so damn redneck awesome in that mud haha.

Genna said...

I'm marrying a redneck and I will tell you what, they have more fun than any people I know. Shits awesome!