Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 Day Challenge, Day 1

Day 1 - Discuss your current relationship.
10 years.
10 amazing years I've been with the same man.
We've been married for 6 of those and for the past 10 months we've added a third party.
No, we're not polygamists. We're parents. 
 It's okay, I see the look of fear (if you don't have kids)/look of 'it's about damn time' (we have been together for a freaking decade) and/or look of understanding (hi to you other parents!). 
We started dating our senior year of high school. He was the resident funny man. I'm not sure how I fit into high school exactly. I didn't feel popular, but I didn't feel unpopular. I loved theatre and was the school mascot. (Go Dawgs!) We seemed to mesh well, and despite me leaving for school we stuck it out through the rough patches.
I knew I was lucky but after seeing how Alfred is with our daughter, Lillie,  I'm so grateful we did.
He can in an instant make my day go from bad to great. And vice-versa. There are times when I want to punch him in face and there are times when all I want to do is lay my head on his shoulder and look out into the sunset dreaming of what our future will bring. 
Courtesy of WindWhistle Photograph
He can make me laugh like no one else.I mean, full on snorting and tears from the eyes. Even when I'm beyond mad at something. It's so frustrating to have someone know you so well they can do that. But it's so comforting to just know he's there.
If I ask him if an outfit is not doing me justice, he tells me the truth. Sometimes, it's not what I want to hear but we decided a long time ago that without honesty this will never work. Even on silly things.
He's the hardest working person I know. A full-time job, helping out friends in the evening and farming with his dad. Not to mention putting up with my incessantly bad singing, horrible affliction to all things laundry and helping me not lose my sanity when Lillie wakes up in the middle of the night coughing so hard that we're sure she's somehow managed to spit up her lung. 
We work well together because we want it to work well together. 
 With all the bad, and all the good, and all the messy, and all the clean -  he's shown me that true, unadulterated love - well, it really can exist.
He's not only my husband, he's my best friend.
And if anyone asks me - that's  how you make a marriage work.  


Sar said...

Adorable! I love the photo of you two dancing. You can tell that it's pure joy. And the annoyed wedding photo? Amazing idea!

The Lehmann's said...

Thanks Sarah!
Yep, taking pictures on your wedding day is great, until it isn't and all you want to do is drink, eat and be merry (married!)! It's one of my favorites from our wedding.

Heather said...

The pictures you posted you can truly tell you two are in love! such a beautiful family. Its awesome that so many people can find the someone that they just fit so perfect with. Congrats on your 10 amazing yrs and your adorable little one.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - what great moments!