Wednesday, September 28, 2011

15 Day Challenge, Day 11

 This has been my go-to movie since I was a pre-teen dancing/singing in my living room, repeating the script word-for-word, and talking incessantly about it with my friends.
It's quite the guilty pleasure.
From the cheesy lines
Kenicki :"A hickey from Kenicki is like a Hallmark card. I care to give the very best."
Danny to Sandy: "You can't just walk out of a drive-in." 
{insert my add-in line here 'No, you have to drive out!' Oh, man, am I hilarious or what?!}
Rizzo: Peachy keen, jellybean.
{A lot of times if you ask me how I'm doing this is my response}
Sandy: "Tell me about it, stud."
If you don't know this line, I simply can't help you.
to the great outfits
to how much older kids looked back in the day
to  the songs
Greased Lightning!
Careful, this one does have a couple NSFW songs and definite NSFW innuendos! I love how I would sing the words as kid without understanding the meaning behind them and now I'm like "Holy crap, they want to do what?"
And Summer Nights
When Alfred insists on making fun of me, this is the song he chooses to mimic.
In a falsetto, of course.
I could seriously go on with the songs, I know them all by heart.
Even the ones in the prom scene sung by the band.
When I was 12 or 13, the 20th Anniversary of Grease came to the movie theatre. My friends and I, of course, went. We sat at the front of the theatre, on couches that they had brought in, and sang/talked the whole movie. Now, looking back, I'm fairly certain we pissed off a great number of folks.
I also was fortunate enough to go to the actual play with a friend from middle school who had an extra ticket. It's one of the best memories. We sang all the songs from the audience, which I was surprised to learn at that time that the words were actually different from the movie version (less vulgar), and afterwards when we met the cast they recognized us at the kids singing with them.
Again, I didn't realize then, but do now, that this was probably fairly annoying to them.
Oh well, you live. You learn.
Whenever I'm down and out. I pop her in.
Whenever I want something that I know I love. I pop her in.
Whenever I want just some background noise. Yep, pop her in.
I have her on DVD now, but for the longest it was VHS. 
And now, after writing this post I'm fairly certain I'm going to be watching this tonight.
Yep, thanks 15 Day Challenge, you've successfully ruined my hopes of finishing the laundry.
{ha, yeah, right.}

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