Friday, September 16, 2011

15 Day Challenge, Day 2

You would think as someone who owns I blog I could easily come up with 30 facts about myself, but it's much harder than it looks. Seriously, even if you don't post it for anyone to see - whether on a blog, facebook, myspace (is that still in existence?) or just a notepad - try it, you may surprise yourself with the things you come up with.
[1] i can pinpoint the exact moment in my life when i started biting my nails. and the exact moment when i stopped.
[2] i once convinced a friend to eat a dog snack because it tasted good. (she actually saw me chewing on a runt, i'm not really sure why she thought i had put a dog treat in my mouth).
[3] i believe that what you put out in the universe comes back to you. if you do good things, good things happen to you. if not, watch out.
with that said, my husband once convinced me that a dog treat was actually beef jerky. It was beyond horrible. And that my friends was karma's revenge for [2].
[4] i was never a cheerleader. But i was the mascot. and it was marvelous.
[5] i moved a lot from 4th grade to 9th grade. i hated being the new kid, but i think it made me  a nicer person because of it. feeling left out, not bueno. not bueno at all.
[6] i do community theatre.
[7] dove season rocks my socks off.
[8] i spend entirely too much money at craft stores.
[9] if i'm about to say something that could be interpreted badly by the party listening to me i always preface it with "I'm about to be a horrible person..." for some reason i feel this protects me, even though i know it doesn't.
[10] i love country music, but when i was in 4th grade (and not living in texas), on the school bus home a girl asked me what my favorite song was and i was ashamed to say "fancy" by reba mcentire, so instead i said "waterfalls" by TLC because it was the only non-country song i knew.
i still feel guilty about this.
[11] i hate putting up laundry
[13] my middle name is nicole
[14] i always said i never wanted kids and now that i have lillie, i can't imagine ever not wanting her beautiful face
[15] i made my own business cards. i like to pass them out to random people.
 [16] i have two tattoos. i'd have more if i didn't think my husband would flip.
[17] halloween is my favorite holiday. i desperately wanted my daughter to be born on october 31st. she was 16 days late. *sigh*
[18] string cheese is always in my fridge. 
[19] i love my back porch, it's where i've had some of the most wonderful conversations with friends and family
[20] i want to be a published author; it's one of my dreams
[21] speaking of dreams, my husband won't let me tell him what i dream anymore because he says they are too weird. and you know what? he's so right.
[22] i have about a 30 minute drive to and from work,and chances are that if you see me, i am jamming out wayyy to hard. and it is spectacular.
[23] when i was a theatre major it was required for freshman to audition for the3 big shows throughout the year if we wanted to audition for anything else. it involved 3 sections. acting, dancing and singing. I sang "part of your world" from little mermaid.
i did not get a call-back.
[24] i hate asking for help. which is why i was still carrying out my own groceries at 10 months pregnant. (yes, you are actually pregnant 10 months)
[25] i love renaissance festivals
[26] one of my biggest fears is that i'll lose lillie well before her time
[27]i cry way more than i should when i see something that involves babies/kids
[28] i always give the better towel to my husband after a shower
[29] i dye my own hair.
[30] i have good, hard laughs at least 3 times a day. usually more. it lightens my heart. i highly recommend this.


Sar said...

Oh my gosh! Dog treats galore! I also laughed super hard about the Waterfalls comment. You're wonderful.

Jere and Cara said...

you SHOULD feel guilty... you can't diss Reba. She's the best! :) just messing with you! Ha, but that IS my favorite song. Fancy that is... not Waterfalls. :)