Saturday, September 17, 2011

15 Day Challenge, Day 3

Well, in the simplest sense I hope that in whatever way I affect a person's life that it's positive.
That I can continue to do things I can be proud of.
That I read a lot more books and I'm able to share that love with my kid[s].
Speaking of kid[s] - having another one...or two. don't tell the Alfred :)
Growing old with my Alfred, but not growing old in my heart.
Writing more.
High-fives. There needs to be a lot more high-fives in this world. and in my life.
Living life. Not letting it pass me by. 
Building our own home. {My gawd, it'd be amazing to have taller cabinets!}
Finding the secret to eating as much as you want and not gaining a damn thing.
Traveling more.
Meeting more people. It's so hard to do this the older you get and the more caught up in your life you get.

I just hope it's happy. With minimal damage to those that I love and care about. 

Oh, and more cheese. You can never have enough cheese.

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Sar said...

Babies! Babies! Babies! Also, cheese?! Hello, amazing milk-filled goodness!