Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The 24 Day Challenge

For weeks I've been noticing posts on a friend's facebook that went something like this, 
"Wanna have more energy and feel great or do you wanna drop a few pounds? Inbox me and I'll tell you how!"
"So I'm now down 24 lbs, only 20-25 more to go, I CAN DO THIS!"
Okay, well exactly like that, those are direct quotes. And of course, as a card carrying member of the MTC (Muffin Top Club) I had to inquire as to what in the world she was doing that was obviously so awesome she had to share on facebook.
Her response - Advocare, she explained she was having a mixer at her house and I should come by, but with my Lillie schedule it just wasn't happening and I kind of just forgot about it.
{Mom brain - if it doesn't involve my kid in some fashion, chances are I'm going to forget about it.}
Then I saw her.
And she looked great.
And I was still sucking in.
So, I did what anyone would do - I googled it. I googled the hell out of it. What was it? Is it vitamins? Is it an exercise program? Is it FDA approved? Will I be hanging out on the toilet for the majority of the day? 
And I couldn't find crap about it that wasn't directly related to their website.I was off-put by this fact, and figured well let me just talk to her about it.
And then she did something, something that if you know me know I'm a sucker for - she offered me free samples. She also answered everything I asked and made sure to note that this wasn't just used for weight loss, but also for a healthier lifestyle and a boost in energy.
Yes, it was vitamin supplements. No, it's not an exercise program but it's recommended with the products for maximum results. It's not FDA approved, but it used across the country by sports teams and endorsed by famous sports people I don't know. No, I won't be hanging out the better part of the day on the toilet reading the back of the shampoo bottle for the 17th time. (What the heck is Quaternium-15 anyway?)
So, I thought let me try these samples for the weekend, if I feel a difference in the next 3 days as far as my energy levels go - sure I'll give it a try. All I can do is waste money and seeing as my husband had just bought an automatic skeet thrower, I was due a little bit of cash-trashing.
I decided to try the 24 day challenge and blog about it. So, if it worked I could share the awesomeness with you and if it doesn't work, then you could all point and laugh at me in true Nelson fashion.
I started September 1.

Day 1
I have to take two vitamins and a fiber drink in the morning, and two more vitamins at night. The vitamins, easy peasy. It was this -
the fiber drink I was not able to finish. It was thick and clumpy and not at all like citrus. I thought maybe I was mixing it wrong, or something. I double checked the package - yep, I did it right. But that still doesn't change the fact that it was oh, so wrong.
I wish you could see just how thick it actually is. Near the end of it I actually had to tap the bottom of the bottle to get it to slide forward. Yech. I only have to do this on Days 1-3 and 7-10. Thank the sweet baby Jesus.
I also weighed/measured myself to have a good starting point to compare the 'final results' with.

Day 2
I'm attempting the fiber drink again.
I could only make it this far before my throat tried to close up on me (I'm assuming as a survival mechanism against really horrible stuff because it was fine as I consumed the fruit in the background of the picture).
Everything else is going well. I've not had to make extra trips to the bathroom and I also received a free mixer to hopefully help with the mixing of powdery substance to water.
You know how I feel about free stuff - it totally made up for the fiber fiasco.

Day 3
 I weighed myself. Down 3 lbs. Not sure if it's because I read the shampoo bottle for a little bit today or if this stuff is actually working.

Day 4-6
Labor Day weekend is upon us and I pretty much sucked at remembering everything I needed to take, the times I needed to and how to eat healthier. Family came in for my daughter and her cousin's baptism, it was a great weekend for me, but not so much for the 24 day challenge.
Randy, Al, Lillie-kins, me and Vicki. (Lillie's Godparents)

I start again with the fiber drink tomorrow. I am dreading it already, but seeing as I'm still down 3 lbs - I feel it may be a small sacrifice to pay. I do feel a lot more energy but whether it's from their energy powder drink or from these mom-mones (mom hormones) that seem to go into overdrive whenever something needs to be done - we'll see over the next few days since baptism preparation is over with and we can get back into routine. I'll be updating periodically throughout the challenge and will post the final results at the end (inches lost, weight lost - if any).
 I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! 

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