Monday, September 19, 2011

15 Day Challenge, Day 5

 Yes. Yes, I do. 
I think this one should go without saying, but I'll do it anyway..
I have a love/hate relationship with this website.
I love that I have found some of my dearest friends and family, that I probably never would have without it. Being able to keep up with them and their life, it's truly awesome.
But with great awesomeness, comes great responsibility and  I hate that it can seem to rule a person's life.
Hi everyone. Welcome to my wedding, oh wait, you're not looking at me. You're looking at your phone. Yeah, no, the party is UP HERE. Uh, hello? Can you hear me?
Oh wait, I see that you just updated your facebook to say you're having a great time.
Sometimes being into social media pulls you out of the present.
It can be very frustrating.
I'm guilty of this, although I really try not to be.
But the good outweighs the bad for me. for now.
Also, I have nothing interesting in my life so I have to admit, I watch for drama to play out.
It's like for 30 seconds I read someone's update I'm back in high school at my locker with my best friend saying, "NU UH! She did NOT just say that!"
Don't pretend that you don't feel that way either.
It makes me feel young.
My gawd, I'm pathetic.

Okay, I can explain.
You see, I like cats. My husband does not.
After a particularly rough week at work, the husband came home with something in his pocket.
No, not that pocket you pervert. His shirt pocket.
It was a precious kitten.
We couldn't figure out a name, until one evening when the husband tried to call her here kitty, kitty kitty and instead said here chicken. We laughed. I told me friend Brandi and she said, What about Chitten.
So, I had a kitten named Chitten and she was beautiful.
Fast forward a couple months. I was pregnant and unable to change the litter box.
The husband, despite his intense dislike of cats, routinely did this for me - but between everything else going on and us planning on our precious Lillie Mae, we decided we just couldn't keep her any longer. I fretted over how to find someone that would take care of her the way I hoped she would be taken care of.
Cue Brandi.(Yes, the same Brandi who named her!)
She offered to take her and love her and be awesome with her. She has two little boys (and since last week a little girl! Hi Bree!!) and other animals to play with. I know she's much happier and is getting the love and attention she deserves. Not to mention I get updates regularly on how she's doing.
And since I no longer have a real kitten, I get my cravings through this website. It makes me happy.
Also, I do things like this -
Lord help us all. Especially my daughter.


Sar said...

Haaaaaahaha and this, among many reasons, is why I love the chittens outta you.

The Lehmann's said...

My next cat (and it will happen) is going to be a Maine Coon. I've wanted one since 4th grade.

I seriously get giddy just thinking about it.

I'm pretty sure I was a crazy cat lady in a past life (or will be later on in this life!)