Friday, September 23, 2011

15 Day Challenge, Day 8

I totally just made a triangle of awesomeness up there.
Yep, I like/love/lust for that show that much.
For those that may not familiar with it some background:
New Directions is a Glee club at McKinley full of misfits who simply want to make a name for themselves. Mr.Schuester is their teacher, a former Glee club member and student from McKinley, who has high hopes of making New Directions as awesome as it was from when he was in it.
They kind of fail miserably at first.
But then they're awesome.
It's set in high school, so we have cheerleaders (led by the amazing Jane Lynch as the track suit wearing Sue Sylvester who is hell-bent on ruining New Directions and Mr.Schue). We also have a lot of slushie throwing in the face, since the members of the Glee club are at the very bottom of the totem pole.
It's a lot of singing, a lot of great singing, with showtunes, pop songs, country, rap (Mr.Schue is notorious for this) and just whatever creator Ryan Murphy likes basically. It's turned me on to some really great songs and it's almost simultaneously overloaded my iTunes with entirely too many purchases.
I think I love it so much because I have not a single musical bone in my body and oh, how I wish I did.
I love the arts, no matter what capacity, and I think a lot of the shows have a really good message.

I also feel that my daughter knows how important this series is to me seeing as we discussed this before she was born.
See, she was due November 8 not November 16, a Tuesday I was looking forward to because Tuesdays are reserved for Glee.
Nothing else.
Not even babies.
Or so I thought.
I was scheduled to be induced the 17th. No worries.
I can still watch Glee and do a few last minute things to get ready to be a parent. (Weird to think this was nearly a year ago!) Well, Lillie-kins decided that the 17th was not okay and the 16th was a much better choice.
My water broke around 7am.
I told her that whatever happens, I can't miss Glee at 7pm because Gwyneth Paltrow was going to be on it and I just absolutely had to see it.
In the delivery room, I made sure I knew where the remote was and that it was clear at 7pm no matter what was going on that Glee would be on that television.
Well, when I was ready to push on this baby, it was around 5pm. And the doctor said,
"Now, you can push for 30 minutes or up to 3 hours."
I was not pushing for 3 hours.
We did 30 minutes and bam, I was a parent.
And you can bet your butt, that at 7pm the television was on Fox 44.
My daughter knows how to git-r-dun and keep momma happy. 
As a side-note I'm not really that crazy now about watching it when it comes on right away...
but only because we now own a DVR.
What a beautiful piece of technology that is.


Sar said...

Haaaaaaaahahaha I love that Lillie came out early just so her mama could watch some Glee. Also, I didn't get to see it this past week because I had a meeting (damn damn damn) and Hulu won't have it until next Wednesday. Laaaaame.

The Lehmann's said...

Lillie knows what's best for her! When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Did you get caught up? Because seriously if you need a little catch-up time, you are more than welcome to head out to the country and watch it with me!